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Indianapolis Landscaping

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Indianapolis Tree Trimming

When it comes to cutting back overgrowth, shaping branches, clearing overhang and other trimming necessities, Jacob's Landscaping Services is ready to assist you. Whether you've got a budding tree that needs to be shaped as it grows or you're dealing with a long-overdue, largely-overgrown tree, we're ready to tackle the job, big or small.

Don't let your trees become dangerously overgrown or a detriment to their own health. Let Jacob's Landscaping Services assist you with trimming to help promote healthy growth and positive foliage. We're on hand for seasonal services and as-needed. Please call (317) 692-9978 for more information.

Benefits of Trimming Trees

Indianapolis Mulching Service

Trees, shrubs and flowers aren't the only plants that want to take residence in your garden beds. Quality soil, sunlight, and water are very attractive to weeds who would love to overtake your flowers and landscaping. Mulch eliminates exposed soil, making it hard for unwanted weed seeds to take root. The seeds that do make it to the soil are blocked off from air and water, making any growth very difficult.

Jacob's Landscaping Services can save your landscape to stay free of weeds by spreading mulch over garden beds and anywhere where rich soil can be found. Mulch will give your landscape and garden a clean look that will highlight your plats and flowers. Find out more by calling today!

Mulching Tips for Your Yard

Indianapolis Garden & Flower Bed Maintenance

Garden & flower beds can help your landscape standout, however they may become a headache if not properly cared for. If your property requires regular flower bed maintenance, Jacob's Landscaping Services can help!

At Jacob's Landscaping Services, we understand that it can be difficult to find time in your busy schedule to worry about maintaining flower beds and gardens, therefore we provide regular and scheduled services. Let our specially trained landscaping experts come to your residential or commercial property and take care of this task for you.

Our Flower Bed Care Services

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