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Indianapolis Seasonal Clean-up

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Indianapolis Spring Clean-Up Service

A well planned spring cleanup will benefit both your lawn and landscaping while ensuring a beautiful outdoor living space for the whole season. A spring cleanup call, will usually include lawn and flowerbed care. Our service is individualized and very specific for what your yard needs.

It's very important to get a professional such as Jacob's Landscaping Services to assess your lawn after the snow has receded and exposed your lawn. We will assess if there are problems such as snow mold, winter kill, damage from snowplows, salt damage, grub damage and so on. If there are problems Jacob's Landscaping Services will take care of them for you. Contact us today and setup your spring cleanup service.

What does spring cleaning involve?

Indianapolis Fall Clean-Up Service

While most homeowners think of fall cleanup as leaf raking and disposal, there are numerous ways to give your grass and plants TLC in preparation for winter, and Jacob's Landscaping Services provides just the right services for you!

Fall cleanup is an ideal opportunity to amend flowerbeds with the addition of compost or garden soil. Any flowerbeds not mulched should be mulched prior to snowfall to protect and insulate roots of perennials, regulate soil temperature and moisture, and prevent winter-kill. Ensure your garden is in optimal condition for the severe weather that awaits it!

What should fall clean-up include?

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